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EventRoller Features

The amount of time and money invested in the meetings and events industry is immense. There is a lot of physical exertion, mental fatigue and organizational finesse that goes into planning and hosting a successful event or meeting. What EventRoller does is, automate the entire process of event planning and management through a reliable cloud based platform. The user friendly, performance rich features of EventRoller are meant to transform manual efforts to technology therefore enhancing efficiency at the comfort of the internet.

What sets EventRoller apart from most other event management applications is that it creates value for every stage of the event lifecycle. Where others may address certain specific aspects of event management, EventRoller adopts a holistic approach. A lot of effort goes into assessment and research of the best tools and most demanded features for an elaborate event management application. EventRoller covers the entire complexity of the event planning and management ecosystem.


On-Site Check-in

It is the number of people attending an event that decides whether it has been a hit or a flop. And keeping a track of this number is no easy task. What if there was a centrally managed system of managing these numbers? What if you could have the exact figures to help you make better assessments and decisions?


Personalized Website

Today, the internet is the solution to any kind of query. There is no reason why your event should not have a web presence. It would not only make way for better visibility but also offer a convenient platform for your attendees as well as speakers to engage in.


Marketing Tools

Marketing forms an essential part of promoting an event. Using effective marketing techniques ensures that your event is made known to your target audience and hence triggers enhanced attendance.


Manage Speakers

As a prospective attendee, the idea of listening to eminent speakers throw light on their subject of interest can really generate interest among users. If your event management app could list down speaker details, it could save your users the time to selectively run a search on them before deciding to enroll for it thus ensuring higher conversion rates.


Manage Sponsors

An event is rarely independently hosted. There are sponsors who usually want a role to play in order to ensure their own visibility. More often than not, managing this aspect proves to be a harrowing experience.


Manage Sessions

Usually an event is made up of a number of activities taking place simultaneously. You could have multiple speakers, multiple rooms and multiple activities all happening at the same time. How then do you effectively communicate and track all of these?


Ask a Question to Speaker

In an event with fair attendance, it is not possible to entertain questions from all participants. But if you want that satisfied number to reach as high as possible, you have to create an intuitive ecosystem where your attendees feel connected with the event, where they can interact with speakers and not be constricted in time and crowd.


Compatible on all Mobile OS

Mobile is an essential aspect of any sort of internet dependent business. What we have done is created a mobile savvy application that manages and reflects data changes as smoothly as a desktop version. EventRoller flows on your mobile like the event itself.


Rate Sessions

Okay, so your event is over. How do you judge its hit rate? Is it really feasible to get all of your attendees to fill out a form at the end of the day? How do you ensure that next time you improve upon the problems and shortcomings that people might have faced?


Event Registration

Online event registration can increase the attendance at your event at decreased costs. Not only does it make it easier for your attendees to sign in and register for your event from the comfort of their homes but it also gives a greater control over managing them. EventRoller merges functionality with a visually appealing UI in a way that makes the registration process simple for participants to use and easy for you to monitor.


Event Payment

In this age of internet shopping and easy credit money, online payment has become the preferred means of making payments. And why not? when it offers more visibility and reduces money management hassles.