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Fully Automated, No More Manual Planning, Most Advanced Event Management System

At Eventroller we use technolofy to make your event successful. No more manual planning process, our technology platform would take care of your requirements.

EventPlanning Tool

EventRoller simplifies scheduling your sessions across multiple Halls and Days. Easy to use user interface on a Calendar view to see empty slots. Block slots visible to all Admin Staff.


Automatic Mobile Appsand Website

EventRoller takes your Event to Mobile Platform by providing Native Mobile Apps to browse information and setup personal itineraries. It would also create a interactive website for your event.


Chat and NetworkingTools for Attendee's

Eventroller makes your social and interactive by providing tools to introduce yourself to other attendee, browse profiles and intiate chat to connect with other attendee's.


Our Team

Eventroller is a fully automated and the most technologicaly advanced event management solution for Events and Conferences.

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