The Most Advanced Event Solution

EventRoller offers an exhaustive solution to manage your events, conferences and meetings. If you are looking for an Event Management Software to manage your event effectively, there is no escaping its challenges. EventRoller emerges a winner here, as this Conference and Event Management Software is built on detailed feedbacks from Industry leading event management organizations and individuals. So you achieve all your event management targets, engage attendees and gain sponsors.

EventRoller provides advanced features for Enterprise Level Meetings. Tools required for converting leads, reporting, marking attendance and even setting auto reminders are built into a single unified platform ensuring that Event Roller provides you with complete Event Management Software Solutions. With EventRoller we promise to cover everything.

Mobile Apps

EventRoller provides Mobile Apps on all leading Mobile Platforms, to ensure all your attendee's can download the application on their smartphones and interact during your conference.



At EventRoller we understand the importance of having a Good Website for your event, even before an attendee registers for an event, it visits your website.


Marketing Tools

For a successful Event good marketing is equally important as good planning. EventRoller offers comprehensive tools for managing your event marketing campaigns. You can create, edit


Making your Conference

Successful, Mobile Ready and Interactive


Social Networking

Attendee can browse profile and intiate chat with other attendee.

Rate and Review

Attendee can share feedback, rate, review and ask questions to speakers during sessions.

Event Registration

OnSpot Registration, Website Registration and Payment Gateway.

Analytics & Charting

Real Time Statistics, User Charts, Conversion Charts.

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