Version Updates

EventRoller is constantly evolving

Our EventRoller development Team is constantly innovating the software based on feedbacks we capture from our valued customers. EventRoller as a product has evolved on customer feedback, our roadmap is defined by our customers. We are always eager to hear from our customers on what more we can do in EventRoller to Make Event Admins life easier and make the conference more interactive and participant friendly.

Version 1.16 [05-May-2014]

Working on developing new Native Apps for event management.

Version 1.15 [01-Dec-2014]

Introduced a new feature to support Voting Keypad for Speakers to ask questions and Attendee to vote on options.

Version 1.14 [11-Sept-2014]

Added support for Local Push to send out reminders to Attendee's on Mobile App as per their itinerary.

Version 1.11 [13-Feb-2014]

Floor Planning Module available for users to interactive mark a booth on Floor Jpeg Image. This is a very essential tool for floor planning and sales of booths to exhibitors.

Version 1.10 [01-Feb-2014]

Attendance Module is now available to all our customer. Attendance was already an integrated part of the software, now we have a dedicated option in dashboard to show the list of attendees. The list can be filtered on a Date or User. A bar chart is also visible to see the number of attendees on each day.

Version 1.9 [23-Dec-2013]

Event Planning Module is now available inside EventRoller, this is one of the most awaited and requested features from our customers. A complete WYSIWYG Calendar based module for session planning. Visually see empty slots on calendar, drag and drop to create or re-schedule an event.

Version 1.8 [18-Nov-2013]

Integrated Website Builder Module to EventRoller. Our customers have been waiting for us to make EventRoller one stop solution for their website requirements for conference. Now with this new feature a Website for your conference can be created in less than 24 Hours.

Version 1.7 [08-Oct-2013]

Marketing Tools Module is now available in EventRoller, it support Email Marketing and SMS Marketing. Our customers can now build custom templates for their Email Marketing and SMS Marketing campaigns and send personalized messages to their users.

Version 1.6 [05-Sept-2013]

User Interface for Mobile Application is revamped to give a sleeker look and feel. Now Mobile Application supports Push Notifications and Functionality to Rate a Speaker or Session.

Version 1.5 [03-Aug-2013]

EventRoller goes mobile, now EventRoller offers Mobile Applications for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. The Mobile Applicatiosn are designed to run offline and support all major features of EventRoller Software.

Version 1.4 [11-July-2013]

Added support for online Abstract Submission and approval process. With this new feature participants can submit their abstracts online and Event Admin can approved those for display or presentation.